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13 March 2015

New Routine

So I have decided to better myself: I've started working out again. I'm using Focus T25 and it's kicking my ass. Added to t hat I am taking Shakeology once a day, and I love that stuff. I'm still trying to get the right mixture so that it fill me up, but I'm getting there (I am currently using Vanilla and normally adding a berry mix and vanilla soy milk - yum).

The reason I'm doing all this? I'm 46 and simply want to get in better shape (simple, right?) I'm tired of not being able to do the things I crave because I'm limited by my asthma. I'm confident that with my losing the 7 tons I weigh I'll sleep better (no more CPAP), have more energy and not sweat my @$$ off all time I'm doing something strenuous.

After 2 weeks I am doing the workouts better and I think I have more energy. I know I'm sleeping better, and some people have told me they can see a difference (I can't but I think my clothes are fitting a little looser.

We'll see, but I'm definitely not giving up.

Lardass to Badass...



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