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24 August 2005

OK - The gloves are off

I have been off, doing things, and have not been keeping the barracks informed lately. So, for the people that take the short bus to school and other clueless individuals, I am going to tell it to you, for not the last time.

We are a country at war. The people we are fighting do not believe in Democracy. The people we are fighting do not believe in living life to the fullest. The zealots we are engaged with cannot be reasoned with, nor can they persuaded to do anything we want. These people have been raised since a very early age to hate everything about us; our way of life. They believe that to die while killing a Westerner guarantees them a pleace at the Head Table with Allah, and they get 72 virgins (do they stay virgins forvever? If not, what happens when you run out of virgins? But, I digress).

These assholes want to kill us. All.Of.Us. And gladly die in the process.

Now, the main point is this: There are people throughout the world that preach hate towards America. There are Imams in mosques throughout America that preach their fellow Arabs to kill Americans and join the jihad againt America. That needs to stop, right f'ing now. I am all for the Freedom of religion, and I am all for the Freedom of Speech. However, where does the line between Freedom of Speech end, and Sedition begin (for a review of the US Sedition Act, go here.) I honestly believe that every person in this country that touts the violent death to Americans while we are engaged in war with the very same people loses some of their 1st Amendment rights. Perhaps England and Australia have it right: round them up and send them back to Arabia or wherever the hell they are from. If anything, incarcerate them and charge them with Sedition. Make the first an example, and maybe they will stop. If not, Guantanamo can use a few more guests.

Wake up, America. Treating the terrorists like criminals is not going to get it done. Hot lead downrange into their chests and heads is the only way to eliminate the Wahabbist threat.

That is all.


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