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04 February 2008

One More Thing On The Super Bowl

Tom Brady,


The whole team went out there totally believing that they were a team of destiny, and got towsed all over the field. He was sacked 5 times, and overall they stunk up the field.

This defeat will haunt them for the rest of their lives. All of you Patriot fans who think that they can do all this again - go undefeated and then into the Super Bowl with another shot at perfection, well, mark my words:

If they can do this again next year, I will take a picture of my naked ass in front of the Capitol Building in California at noon (fully expecting to be arrested) the following day.

Not gonna happen, ever.

So, Kudos to the '72 Dolphins (even though they beat my Beloved Redskins in their Super Bowl), keep popping that bubbly.

And, F-you, Belichick - leaving the field while the rest of your team had go out for the final second. Way to be a leader and example for your team. Prick. Also, way to congratulate the other team - oh - wait, you didn't. What a little child.

Way to go, Giants!!! Blahopr'ani!!!

That is all.


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