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25 August 2005

My input to the people of Code Pink, and Cindy Sheehan

I understand that there are people from Code Pink (I am not going to link to whatever article that talks about it; if you want to find it I am sure you should not have too much trouble) that hang outside of Walter Reed Army Medical Center and bash the wounded heroes as they leave the hospital.

Now, I am all for the First Amendment, but I find it insulting to say the least that these people have nothing better to do than insult people that fought and lost a limb (or more) to keep us safe (though they do not see it that way).

A pox on them all.

Oh, and Mrs. Sheehan, Kiss my ass. Your son would be mortified if he knew what you were doing. Vy jste velmi hloupa finka. Kour'te muj Havanu. (Pardon my Czech)

That is all.


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