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30 June 2006

Thinking about a change

So I was talking to Lee, a buddy of mine, on my way to the gym this morning, and we discussed Texas.

He lives in a coastal city not far from Houston. He was able to make the funeral of our mutual friend, Flick, who died in April. Anyway, he is thinking of moving to Waco, as a friend of his is going to start a company there. I have relatives in Waco, and moving there is very tempting. My daughter's best friend's family just moved there (Texas), and the cost of living is much lower than here in Sociaist California (People's Repoublic of).

However, there are a lot of reasons I can't move just yet. I have to stay here for my kids to be eligible for tuition-free college, which I should not throw away. Also, I am the one my parents rely on for stuff when they need it. So, I don't know.... My parents are pretty set where they are, and they should be.

I just have to figure it out.


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