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08 July 2006

Another Camping trip

Well, The HH6 and the M60 gunner (wife and son) elements are again off to camp; this time down south of here... It will be 5 straght weeks for those two. It started with Yosemite, then the North Coast, then Cub Scout Camp (one overnight), then last week's marathon for the 4th ofJuly (which was gorgeous weather), and now this trip for 3 nights.

I am sure that the Gunner will have fun, but HH6? she will be thoroughtly tired by the time she is done.

But she is a remarkable mother who will do anything for her kids.... I wanted to go on this trip, but she says that this is the last trip she will be going on, as he will be a Boy Scout next year. I doubt that, as she says that she is going on the Catalina Island trip in a couple of years... So so much for that idea. She just wanted to go down to the Big Sur area...

Have fun!!


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