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07 July 2006


Looks like the Army lieutenant that announced he wasn't going to engage in "war crimes" is in deeper doo-doo than he thought.

Go here and read up on the other charges this asshole is being charged with, besides Article 87, Missing a Troop Movement.

I read this originally at Rivrdog, a great site in and of itself... He has all kinds of good information everyone should know.

For what it is worth, I normally do not call officers names. For one thing, when I was in it was bad mojo (you can and should go to jail for it); besides, I knew few bad officers when I was in... I was pretty lucky. Being in the Cavalry is like no other unit anywhere.... but I could be wrong.

But back to the topic at hand. This "officer" had no plans to deploy, and made his bed. Talking bad about the President and other topics are not protected in the military. He knew it, and is going to pay the price.

Few people know that your rights are not like all the civilians in the military. It is the only place in American society where a dictatorship, for lack of a better term, is commonplace. Strict obedeince to orders and discipline is the name of the game. True, a soldier is required to no obey an unlawful order, but I never experienced an unlawful order.

I hope this guy gets life.


At 7:49 PM, Blogger crazy bastard said...

I concur.


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