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15 February 2006

I am thinking of going to the Gunblogger Rendezvouz!

I read over at Mr. Completely about the Gunblogger Rendezvous, a get together of gun-bloggers. As I live relatively close to Reno, I figure I might show up!

If I get the opportunity to meet folks like Kim and Mr. Completely (and hopefully others that I regularly (or religiously) read, it would be very good time spent indeed.

I might even bring some of my stuff to shoot, as well!!

08 February 2006

How can you deal with this kind of mind set?

So much for the religion of peace...

I just do not understand how people (liberals) can say that if we talk to them to try to understnd where they are coming from that we can establish a dialog and learn from them.

If only we could treat them all (the radicals, of course) like rabid dogs, of rodents, or...

02 February 2006

He Lives!!!

At long last, we have heard from one of The Masters, Bill Whittle. He tells us why he has been gone, and when he will be back.

While you are there, if you have not read any of him musings, you have definitely been out of the loop.

Correct that malfunction and read his incredible essays.

HT to GeekWithA.45.