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11 December 2007


Does anyone but me find it ironic that the only team that has ever gone undefeated in NFL history will be the first team to go winless in a season?

Miami flat out sucks ass. My son and 8 of his friends could whip their butts, and still have time to try to beat my daughter's friends at softball (which would never happen).

There has never been a team to go 0-16 in NFL history. When the NFL was formed in 1920, winless seasons were not uncommon. In fact, for the first ten years, from 1920-29, there was always at least one team which went winless. Between 1930 and World War II, only the 1934 Cincinnati Reds went winless. The Reds were 0-8-0 when they folded with three games remaining in the season. A new team, called the St. Louis Gunners, was formed. The Gunners had been an independent team operating in the area and they went 1-2 in the remaining three games.

World War II saw a fewer players available for NFL action and, as a result, some teams suffered more than others. The 1942 Detroit Lions went 0-11; the 1943 Chicago Cardinals went 0-10 and the combined Card-Pitt team of 1944 went 0-10.

Since World War II, only the expansion Dallas Cowboys of 1960 (0-11-1), the expansion Tampa Bay Bucs of 1976 (0-14), and the 1982 Baltimore Colts (0-8-1 in a strike-shortened season) have gone winless. (stolen from

So now maybe that champagne will not get chilled anymore. Good.

Oh, and Brady can kiss my @$$.

07 December 2007

Never Forget

That is all.