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22 March 2006

Shout out to friends!

Rumor mill has it that some old friends have seen the site. As I am all about OPSEC in the Barracks, names will nto be forthcoming, but it is nice to know that I have a following.

Take care, and there is always beer in theTeam Room...

08 March 2006

Best Video EVER!!

I saw this at Bane Rants, and I could watch it on a continuous loop forever. Probably not PC, but neither am I.

It should be on every American TV station until this war is over... But that is just my $.02...

Wanna take a shot at me? Get in line.... and pack a lunch.

02 March 2006

I remember my high school history class

I did not have a Geography class; I had US History in my Junior Year (that was a landmark year for me; my first girfriend, first kiss, and my awakening of me as a Proud American); but I am pretty sure that I would be a little upset if Mr. Johnson was spewing the crap that Mr. Bennish is throwing...

To read about this asshat, go here. I hope this guy gets suspended, at least.

I am all for the Freedom of Speech, but I think it is inappropriate for teachers to throw their political viewpoint to students the way he did. And I applaud Sean Allen for outing this guy. I hope it is a wake up call for all other teachers to think about throwing their political philosphy (either Democrat or Republican or whatever) until they at least have had a Civics class (I had Mr. Cooke; he was one of the best teachers I ever had).