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17 September 2007

Finally, Karma rears its head.

If you haven't heard, OJ is back in jail. Almost a shame, except for the fact that he killed 2 people... and got away with it.

Maybe the jury will be a little smarter this time.

One can hope!!


As I watch Monday Night Football and my beloved Redskins take on the Eagles, I have come to the conclusion that those announcers simply suck ass. I would rather listen to Arabic music than listen to those morons. Seriously. While pulling guard duty in Saudi Arabia I had the opportunity to listen to the priests call the flock to worship at the mosques. At 0350. In the morning. And they sounded better than the guys on Monday night Football.

Go Skins!!!

10 September 2007

6 Years Ago....

Never Forget. Honor them by remembering them, and those that fight for us and our way of life.

09 September 2007

New Footall Season!!

And the players are still a bunch of criminals (see Michael Vick), I still loathe the 9ers and the Cowboys, and the Redskins will not make the playoffs this year.

My prediction: Bears and Colts in another Super Bowl, and the Colts win in a blowout, 38-27....

Bret Favre should have retired 2 years ago, God love him.. His team is crumbling around him and even he cannot resurrect it from mediocrity...

I will weep when baseball is over.

UPDATE: Favre intercepted already, in the 1st quarter of his first game... I will keep a running tally over the course of the season..

Do not get me wrong; Favre is a great player, and a first ballot hall of famer. But his playing is like using a bail bucket on the Titanic. He does not have the talent to support him.

Just my $.02.... Your mileage may vary

New Footall Season