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13 December 2006

If You Are Ever In The Neighborhood

Of Nuremburg, Germany, during this time of year, I recommend you hot the town square and peruse the Chriskindlesmarkt, the Christmas market. It is nothing but fun.

When I had the great fortune to be assigned in Germany, my wifeand I went every year. OUr first time was probably the best, as we had never experienced it before.

We got off at the sueway station (U-Bahn) right at the marketplace and went right upstairs. The first thing we see is a booth selling Gluhwein, or mulled wine. As it was in the area of Frickin' Cold, we promptly ordered one, and man they hit the spot immediately. So we were walking around, looking at all the goods for sale, and we hit upon a Bratwurst stand.

Now, I am a huge fan of Brats. But there are brats and there are Nurnberger Brats

These brats are slimmer than the normal brat, and they would serve them on a hard roll with spicy German mustard. As soon as I had my first one, I was hooked (those are probably the things I miss most of all about Germany, and I saw a lot over there).

So here I am, fat, dumb, and happy, with my new wife (we had been married the previous July, and she only arrived in Germany the week before Thanksgiving, so we were almost on a honeymoon) drinking spiced wine and eating brats, freezing our asses off all the while looking at some beautiful Christmas trinkets and just enjoying each other's company.

As soon as we finished one, we were already coming up to the next Brat or Gluhwein stand.... they knew how to space them apart, it seemed..

By the end of the day we were half drunk and had eaten more than we possibly should have.

We went the next 4 weekends... or so it seemed.

Those are the times I miss....