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20 March 2005

My latest acquisition

is this


Springfield Armory Mil-Spec Model. I have wanted one of these for a long time. I believe that the semi-automatic pistol should have stopped with this. John Moses Browning was guided by The Almighty on this, and any modifications on this are pure blasphemy.

I alsohappen to own one of the finest 9mm pistols in the world, the CZ -85. Fantastic out of the box, it is the most accurate pistol I have ever fired. Over 3,000 rounds through it with never a malfunction, except for a bad magazine.

If you have the means, I recommend either (or both).

18 March 2005

I wish I had said this

I took an oath when I enlisted . Chris over at the Anarchangel reminded me of it.

Go read it, and join the ranks. Together we can defeat all our enemies, both foreign and domestic.

I couldn't have said it better myself, and I will still defend this country to my dying breath.

I saw the alternatives in East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Iraq, and Berkeley. What we have is worth fighting for.

08 March 2005

From the "I am not an Alcoholic" Files,

Man Dies After Winning Tequila Shot Contest

I am not sure if that is a way to go or not... Didn't I tell the troops to keep the liquor to a minimum? I guess 10% never gets the word...

From Foxnews

07 March 2005

About me

Hello, troopers!

A little bit about me. I am an Air Force brat that moved around until my dad retired in California. I joined the Army during the Reagan years and have been Conservative for my adult life, until recently. I now consider myself a libertarian (small l). I believe this country is worth fighting for, and I will do again so if necessary. I am a disabled vet but a heck of a shot, though more range time is always necessary.

I have my degree in Management Information Systems from a California university.

I am married to a wonderful woman, Household6 (HH6), who I am still amazed that she loves me. We have 2 children who will remain anonymous until I find good enough names for them.

That is about it for now. The Corporal has early PT tomorrow morning and needs to clean the weapons in the barracks.

More tomorrow.


First Post

OK, I now have the Barracks!

No loud mouths, and keep the liquor ot a minimum.

Lights out in ten!

The Corporal Speaks!

More to follow.